Best Teochew Restaurants in Singapore that we have tried

Whether you are a Teochew ‘ka ki nung'(自己人) or not, many of us enjoy Teochew food for its simplicity and clarity of flavours.  Among the Chinese dialect cuisines widely available in Singapore, it seems that the Cantonese and Teochew restaurants are the most popular in Singapore, judging by the restaurants available.  Here is TOP’s list of the best Teochew restaurants in Singapore that we have tried.   We are fortunate that the quality of Teochew food in Singapore is generally high.  For a look at Teochew dishes at the place of origin, you may read our post Eating Teochew Food in Chaozhou and Shantou, China. We have provided links to our review of each restaurant where you can find more pictures of the place, food and menu.

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East Ocean Teochew Restaurant, Ngee Ann City

Shoppers at Takashimaya who are thinking of Teochew food can head to East Ocean Teochew Restaurant in Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road. It is located on the 5th level, on the same floor as Best Denki.  The restaurant looks modestly sized from the entrance but this restaurant is huge.  We thought we could beat the crowds if we went early on a Saturday morning at 11 plus in the morning.  But we were wrong, there were too many early birds in Singapore with weekend dim sum and Teochew food on their minds.

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Another fishy lunch at a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore

What do you feel like eating when you are just recovering from flu? During that transition period between sickness and full recovery, the one comfort food we like is soupy Teochew porridge and some lightly flavoured side dishes. The recent protracted flu spell (see “Rainy, cool weather may have prolonged peak flu season” ) made the transition period an extended one.  One of our sessions of Teochew porridge was at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head Curry which we regard as a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore.

top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore
Zai Shun – a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore

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Imperial Treasure Tanjong Pagar – another fine Teochew restaurant in Singapore

Imperial Treasure Tanjong Pagar is the latest restaurant in Singapore by the Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group. The group has many restaurant concepts ranging from fine dining and Peking Duck restaurants to noodle houses and bakeries. Imperial Treasure Tanjong Pagar is classified as an Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine restaurant. Currently there are two such Teochew cuisine restaurants in Singapore. We had visited the other one at Ion Orchard and were suitably impressed (read about our visit here).  We had lunch at the new Imperial Treasure restaurant in the Tanjong Pagar Centre recently.

Imperial Treasure Tanjong Pagar
Imperial Treasure Tanjong Pagar Centre

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Zai Shun Curry Fish Head – Steamed fish paradise in Jurong East

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head Curry 载顺咖喱鱼头 in Jurong East received official recognition of their culinary prowess when they were listed as a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant in the 2017 Singapore Michelin Guide. But fans of high quality steamed fish have known this restaurant for years. It is located at the western part of Singapore – in Jurong East, near Yuhua Food Village. Zai Shun opens from 7 am in the morning and there is usually a full house at lunchtime.

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head 载顺咖喱鱼头

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Ghim Moh Porridge & Rice – Comforting Teochew porridge

Nothing is as well qualified to be considered “comfort food” than Teochew porridge. There are two good teochew porridge stalls in the Ghim Moh market and food centre.  Ghim Moh Porridge & Rice is one of them. Both are popular with Ghim Moh residents as well as the Mount Sinai private estates nearby. Office workers travel from Biopolis and Fusionopolis to eat here. For more food options at Ghim Moh you can read our summary of the hawker food that we have in this post.

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