Beach Road Prawn Mee 美芝律大虾面 at East Coast

Beach Road Prawn Mee East Coast

The prawn noodles served in Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, which is found not in Beach Road but in East Coast Road, may possibly be one of the most popular in Singapore. The customers come by bus, by bicycles, by taxis and in their Toyatas, BMWs and even Bentleys to savour the famous prawn noodles. Street parking lots are available but never quite enough and you will see many cars parked illegally near the prawn noodles stall. The place may also be popular among some traffic wardens – they will surely issue their quota of parking tickets simply by being there during the opening hours of Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House.
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Brunch at Cedele Bakery Cafe, 112 Katong (Outlet Closed)

Cedele Bakery Cafe

Cedele opened a bakery cafe in 112 Katong earlier this year. They offer a good range of sandwiches, salads and soups. It has long opening hours and is a good place for breakfast or late supper and anything in between. The bakery also gives those living nearby a great option should they realise late in the evening that they have forgotten to buy bread for the next day’s breakfast.

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TOP things to do for free in Singapore and where to eat after that

National Museum

Singapore has been named as the most expensive city in the world in 2015. That is certainly true in some ways. But fear not, some of the best things in life are free. Here are our suggestions for what things to do for free in Singapore and where to eat after that. As this is a food blog and not a trip advisor, our focus of course is the food and what you can eat during or after your outing. We hope you find this list of Things to do for free in Singapore & Where to Eat useful.

The places are listed in no particular order. We will add new ones from time to time.

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Enoch’s European Restaurant @ East Coast (Closed)

Enoch's EuropeanEnoch’s European is an intimate little restaurant that started life as a hawker stall selling French food in a coffee shop. Le Petit Paradis operated a store in AlibabaR Hawker Bar for two years before moving into its own premises at East Coast Road. Le Petit Paradis restaurant has been rebranded as Enoch’s European and now serves a range of European food like Sous-vide Chicken Breast, Truffled Mushroom Linguine and 12-Hour Belly of Pork.Read More »Enoch’s European Restaurant @ East Coast (Closed)


Delightful Malay Food at Haig Road Food Centre

Haig Road Market & Food Centre

Haig Road connects Katong and Geylang, two of the most popular eating places in Singapore. It should come as no surprise to find plenty of food establishments in and around Haig Road. There are many restaurants, cafes and food stalls in the modern air-conditioned One KM Mall. If you want a purer experience of eating good local street food, head on to the Haig Road Market & Food Centre. What to eat there? There is a wide variety of options.

Haig Road Putu Piring-

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Toothsome Cafe di Tanjong Katong (Closed)

Toothsome Cafe

(Note – under new management since July 2015 – see post Toothsome Cafe – New Owner, New Menu)

9 January 2015

There is a new cafe in Tanjong Katong just opposite the Katong Post Office named Toothsome Cafe. The name immediately reminded me of Oliver Dental Surgery down the road. I asked the manager of the cafe (or maybe the owner) about the name and he said it was derived from the idea of awesome food. The dictionary meanings of toothsome are “temptingly tasty” and “good-looking; attractive“. I thought the new cafe was quite attractive but the food there, though good, could not be said to be awesome.

Toothsome Cafe

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