Honolulu Cafe Singapore – more than egg tarts

Honolulu Café at The Centrepoint

Honolulu Cafe has nothing to do with Hawaii, as far as we know. Honolulu Coffee Shop of Hong Kong is well known for its flaky egg tarts. When Honolulu Cafe Singapore opened in The Centrepoint, there were long queues to get into the cafe as well as to buy the famous egg tarts for takeaway. It may now be a good time to go to Honolulu Cafe for a meal as it is no longer trendy for the die-hard foodies to stand in line for egg tarts (now they are queueing for brown sugar milk tea). It is not too difficult to get a table in Honolulu Cafe now and it has a fairly extensive menu of interesting affordably priced items. There is much more to Honolulu Cafe than just egg tarts.

Honolulu Cafe Singapore
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Miso Cod Castle Set at Misato, Japanese Restaurant at Gastro+, Centrepoint

It has been a year since our last visit to Misato, the Japanese restaurant at Gastro+, Centrepoint. Gastro+ is a cluster of restaurants located on level one of The Centrepoint, Orchard Road. Its simple yet attractive Japanese decor makes it stand out from the numerous dining options in The Centrepoint.

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Our $16.90 Orchard Road Set Lunch at Demand & Supply

Where to find a reasonable place to have lunch in Orchard Road Singapore? Today I show you the $16.90 set lunch in Orchard Road at Demand & Supply. With the service charge and GST added on, the cost gets close to $20 per person. Still, I think it is a decent set lunch in an Italian restaurant at Orchard Gateway, a mall on the glitzy street of the most expensive city in the world.

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天勝 Tensho by MOF- Japanese Specialty Tendon at Centrepoint

Tensho Tendon at Centrepoint

Tensho (天勝) by MOF is a Japanese Specialty Tendon

Tempura Donburi 天ぷら丼ぶり or Tendon 天丼,  started to become very popular in Singapore slightly more than a year ago. We managed to try Tempura Rice Bowls at Kohaku Tempura Restaurant at Suntec City, when it was one of the very few specialty Japanese tendon restaurants in Singapore. Now there are many more options. 天勝 Tensho by MOF is a Japanese Specialty Tendon restaurant at The Centrepoint. It is in a convenient location and the prices are reasonable.

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