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Plank Sourdough Pizza – a top table in Siglap

Plank Sourdough Pizza

Siglap can add another plank to its table of great eateries. Tucked away in a little corner of Opera Estate, Plank Sourdough Pizza serves good pizza in a chic and cosy space. It is easy to like the place. Unsurprisingly, it has become a popular spot for residents in the neighborhood.

Plank Sourdough Pizza

Baker & Cook Siglap

It shares a corner shop-house at Swan Lake Avenue with Baker & Cook’s new Opera Estate branch. While the Baker & Cook’s side has a clean black and white theme decor, the Plank’s section is distinctively different with a facade clad with old wooden windows and an interior wall decorated with old faded wooden planks. At Plank, Baker & Cook’s Dean Brettschneider introduces pizza with a base which is made with the same fermentation process as that used for the sourdough bread in his artisan bakery.

From the outside, it may seem like Plank Sourdough Pizza and Baker & Cook are two separate establishments with their own entrances. Inside, a glass sliding door between the two eateries is left open and they share a common kitchen. In fact you can order food and drinks from one of the eateries and sit in the other.

Plank Sourdough Pizza Siglap


The menu at Plank Sourdough Pizza is simple and straightforward – 2 starters, pizzas with different toppings, 2 desserts and a few daily specials. The menu actually tells you to “pop next door to Baker & Cook for your favourite sweet treat, tea & coffee”.

We ordered a pizza topped with tomato, pulled chicken, cranberry compote, Camembert, rocket and extra virgin olive oil ($22) and the poached oven roasted banana with vanilla ice cream ($9.50) for dessert. A flat white was $4.50. No GST & service charge was added to the bill. You can help yourself to water from the water station on the Baker & Cook’s side. A nice waiter kindly brought a bottle of ice-cold water and left it on our table.

Plank Sourdough Pizza Opera Estate

Plank Sourdough Pizza Siglap

The pizza was prepared fresh and fired in a small oven which looked rather high tech. The sourdough pizza was served within about 15 minutes. The pizza base was very soft with slight crispness at the edges. The pulled chicken, Camembert cheese and cranberry compote combined very well. The cranberry compote gave the topping a nice tartness and a little sweetness that really made the pizza most enjoyable.

Plank Sourdough Pizza Siglap

Plank Sourdough Pizza Siglap

The dessert was nicely presented – foil wrapped bananas, vanilla ice cream and shortbread on a wooden cutting board. We were a trifle disappointed when we pulled open the foil wrap to reveal 3 rather small bananas which looked insipid. The bananas were poached and roasted with butter, cinnamon, rum and lemon juice but the dominant taste was just sweetness. When eaten with the ice cream and shortbread, the dessert was nice. However, the next time we will probably have desserts from Baker & Cook, which we rather like (see our post Baker & Cook – new outlet at Intercontinental Hotel / Bugis Junction).

Plank Sourdough Pizza Opera Estate


Plank Sourdough Pizza Opera Estate

We enjoyed our lunch at Plank Sourdough Pizza. The sourdough pizza we tried was delicious. We like the fact that you can mix and match the items from the menus of Plank and Baker & Cook. The service staff was friendly and efficient. There is a certain buzz about the place and the fashionable set will not feel out of place there. Yet there is a casual and relax feel. It is a place you feel you can linger for a while. Plank Sourdough Pizza is certainly among our top tables in Siglap.

Baker & Cook Flat White

Food : 4
Value: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


Plank Sourdough Pizza
1 Swan Lake Avenue
Singapore 455700

Tel: +65 6448 9288


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