Rollie Olie – a refreshingly new restaurant at Star Vista, Singapore

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Rollie Olie is one of the newest restaurants to open at Star Vista, having started business in this mall in May 2015.  There was something about Rollie Olie which is very appealing when you approach it and when you enter.  Perhaps it was the unconventional shape and layout of the restaurant or was it the sun-bathed simple decor. It looked so refreshingly different from the oft-repeated industrial and retro style that is used for casual restaurants these days.

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Rollie Olie is a small restaurant but it manages to stay spacious as the owners have taken the bold step of not trying to fill up every square foot of the space with tables. There are only a few regular tables, a larger kidney-shaped table and the rest are counter seats. And a lot of precious space.

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Another refreshing aspect of Rollie Olie is the simplicity of their menu. They only sell sushi rolls and some complementary side dishes.  The sushi rolls are done California roll style i.e. with the rice on the outside. The standard size is about 25 cm long and 8 cm in diameter. They come in various versions. From what we ate that day, it seems that the basic rice rolls are substantially the same, the difference lies in the type of toppings used. Attractive names are assigned to the rolls such as Bollywood, Heat wave and Beachcomber.  They are priced from $12.95 to $16.95. There are set meals available throughout the day. For $12.95, you get half a roll, some salad and a soup.  We ordered a standard roll and two set meals.

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The set meal with ‘Caterpillar’ roll was served in a clear plastic container on a wooden tray.  As you can see, the dish looks very attractive with the bright and fresh look.  The sushi roll had sliced avocado as the topping. Delicious and light. The salad was crunchy and included some seared tuna.  The miso soup was very concentrated and intense, even better than the miso soup at some high-end restaurants.

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Our other set meal had the K-Pop sushi roll. The topping for this roll was kimchi. This was not as good as the Caterpillar because so much mayonnaise was used that we could hardly taste the kimchi.

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The Sunkissed Salmon ($16.95) was served in a simple unmarked cardboard box.  It was attractive in a Muji kind of way. The topping of this sushi roll was lightly grilled salmon. It was the nicest roll of the three that we tried that day.  The full roll was quite filling for one person (and also quite boring if that is all you are eating).  The set meal with half a roll was more interesting and would be suitable for those with small appetites.

Simple and refreshing are the two words that sum up our experience at Rollie Olie. Their sushi rolls are creative and tasty and we appreciate the fact that they are specialized rather than trying to create too many things out of a small space. A welcome new dining option for people in the Buona Vista area!

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Food: 4

Service: 3

Value: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

4 tops

Rollie Olie

#02-05 The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green

Singapore 138617

Tel: 66943111




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