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Famous Hokkien restaurant Beng Hiang, now in Jurong East

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 12

Beng Hiang is one of the most famous and popular Hokkien restaurants in Singapore. For years they had operated from a large shophouse space along Amoy Street. They had decided earlier this year to relocate from there to take up an equally large space (11,248 sq ft to be exact) in Block 135 Jurong Gateway Road in Jurong East. This follows a similar decision by another famous Teochew restaurant Huat Kee who decided to relocate from Amoy Street to the RELC Centre. Beng Hiang had taken over the space which was formerly occupied by another restaurant, Boon Lay Raja who had apparently sold off the premises for $15 million, according to a Straits Times story.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 3

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 13

Beng Hiang Amoy Street - 1

The decor of the Beng Hiang at Jurong East looks similar to their old place. In fact, it looks like the furniture had been moved over, log, stock and barrel.   You can compare the picture of the Amoy Street Beng Hiang (above picture) and the new one at Jurong East (below). The restaurant is located in block 135, which houses many education and enrichment Centres. It is near Jurong East MRT, JCube mall and is connected by covered walkways to the multi-storey HDB carpark next to it.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 5

There is a mini stage, which makes the place suitable for functions and special events.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 11

The Beng Hiang menu looks like the old one. Here are pictures of some pages. We ordered a stewed chicken with lotus nuts ($35) and an orr chien ( oyster omelette) ($12). A corkage fee of $10 was charged for a bottle of Dr Loosen German Riesling which we brought along.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 8

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 9

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 10

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 6


Beng Hiang Jurong East - 14

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 15

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 16

The chicken was stewed till the meat was almost falling off the bones. The chicken was stuffed full of lotus nuts nuts which were also very soft – almost creamy when eaten. We would have liked the chicken to be less soft but the overall flavour of the whole dish was very good, especially when eaten with rice.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 17

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 19

The oyster omelette was light and crisp, almost like biscuits topped with oysters. The amount of eggs used must have been low as the taste of egg did not feature much in this version of oyster omelette.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 18

Overall, a simple Hokkien meal at the famous Beng Hiang who are now in Jurong East. We had deliberately avoided our usual dishes like the fried prawn rolls and Hokkien Mee which are our perennial favourites. The meal ended on a sweet note with some complimentary read bean soup.

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 20

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 21

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 2

Beng Hiang Jurong East - 1


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPS
4 tops


Beng Hiang Restaurant
Blk 135 Jurong  Gateway Road #02-331
Singapore 600135

Tel:+65 6221 6695

Opening Hours
Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Nearby Station : Jurong East

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