Sinpopo Coffee @ Funan – for local flavour cakes and stout like coffee

Sinpopo Coffee at Funan is a new concept by Sinpopo Brand where they prepare traditional Nanyang coffee with the craft and flair of Italian espresso. It also boasts of Draft Coffee on Tap, which tastes almost like Irish stout.

Sinpopo Coffee @ Funan

Sinpopo Coffee is located on the ground floor atrium of Funan Mall. It has an attractive modern store design. There are tables on a slightly raised platform with nice wooden floor. There are also sofa seats facing the walkway as well as tables placed out in the open atrium.

If the store design does not catch your attention, the beautiful cakes on display should. Eyes will also be drawn to the very impressive looking coffee making equipment.

Sinpopo Coffee Menu

The big menu boards above the counter list the coffee, teas and other beverages available at Sinpopo Coffee.

There are Italian expresso, English tea as well as very local coffee and tea like kopi-O, Milo kopi and teh tarik. Special concoctions like coffee lemonade and coconut latte are also available. The star of Sinpopo Coffee is the Craft Coffee on Taps.

Sinpopo Coffee Menu

Quiche & Draft Coffee

Sinpopo Coffee at Funan

There was a book by Bruce Feirstein, published in 1982, with the title “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche”. The tongue-in-cheek book was a New York Times Best Seller. The humuor of the book title might not have worked in today’s world. It seems that everyone eats quiche nowadays.

When we visited Sinpopo Coffee at Funan and asked if they have any savoury snack, we were told only quiche was available. It was not a dainty sliver of quiche but a big chunky pie like quiche. We wanted to eat cakes too but a quiche and a cake each would be too much for one person – whether real women or real man or otherwise. We had to decide – have a quiche each and share a slice of cake or have a slice of cake each and share a quiche. Coming to a decision was a piece of cake – the cakes won.

So we ordered a Turkey Ham & Salmon Quiche ($6.50), a slice of Pandan Kaya Cake ($7.90), a slice of Putu Piring Cake ($7.90), a Draft White Coffee ($6.80) and a Long Black ($5.50).

The quiche was warmed up before it was served. With flaky crust and creamy inside, the Turkey Ham & Salmon Quiche was rather tasty and enjoyable. It was quite heavy. Even half a serving was rather filling.

The Draft White Coffee was creamy, cold and frothy. It had a robust roast flavour with a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. We thought it actually tasted more like Irish stout than coffee. The Long Black was good strong old fashioned coffee.

Pandan Kaya & Putu Piring Cakes

The pandan kaya cake looked luscious and sumptuous. With a generous amount of delectable kaya spread and fresh coconut cream, the actual cake content was not as much as it might first appear. The blue pea flower-tinged cake was moist. Every part of the pandan kaya cake was good and the sum of its parts was simply delightful.

The putu piring cake looked prim and proper when compared to the flamboyant pandan kaya cake. The soft moist cake with gula melaka and grated coconut would really excite the palate. Sometimes less could be more.

More Reason to Visit Funan

We like to visit Funan Mall – the place is vibrant, looks good and has lots of interesting shops and eateries. There are a number of nice cafes there and we can add Sinpopo Coffee to the list. In fact, with Sinpopo’s stout like draft coffee and delicious cakes, we have more than one good reason to visit Funan Mall more often.

Sinpopo Coffee at Funan

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Sinpopo Coffee
Funan Mall, #01-K02
107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105

Tel: +65 6970 1080

Opening Hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Nearby MRT Station: City Hall

Sinpopo Website

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