The new Culina Market Dempsey – a bigger and better shop for fine food and wines

The new Culina Market Dempsey has, together with the Culina Bistro, moved over from the original location at Block 8 to new premises in Block 15. We have written about our lunch at the new Bistro and concluded that we are not fond of its big, clinical space and preferred the old place (see post). However, in the case of Culina Market, big and clinical is good. We like the new Culina Market Dempsey for its new spacious layout and its good variety of fresh produce and wines.

The New Culina Market Dempsey
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The new Culina Bistro Dempsey at Block 15 – bigger, newer but is it better?

Popular bistro and fine foods store Culina Dempsey has closed their original store at Dempsey Block 8 and reopened a few blocks away, at Dempsey Block 15. It is now linked together with other outlets as a COMO Dempsey cluster of food and retail outlets at the front of the Dempsey Hill dining precinct. The new Culina Bistro (version 2019) is certainly bigger and newer. But is it better than the original one at Block 8? They opened at the new location a few days ago and we were there soon after to find out.

New Culina Bistro at Dempsey Block 15
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TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019 & Reviews

The Dempsey dining area is possibly the most pleasant dining location in Singapore. It has a wide mix of food choices, a laid back atmosphere, big open spaces with lots of trees and, very importantly, free parking. The success of the concept can be seen in the stability of the tenants. Many of them have been there for years. Serving as a guide to the Dempsey restaurants and to help our readers decide what to eat at Dempsey, here is The Ordinary Patrons’ (TOP) List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019. We have tried most of the restaurants listed and have provided links to our reviews which contain more information and pictures of the places as well as the menus when available.

Dempsey Restaurants at Dempsey Hill
Dempsey Restaurants
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The Little House of Dreams and Ben & Jerry’s – nice place for a kid’s party at Dempsey

The Little House of Dreams and Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey seem like a good place to host a children’s party. They are neighbours in Block 8 of Dempsey Hill. They have two separate entrances but once inside, their spaces are interconnected. The Little House of Dreams is a cafe which has been done up in a very cute way and some parts of it look like the inside of a doll’s house. With Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream available on demand, we think that the young and the young at heart will have a good time.

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Jam at Siri House, new Dempsey restaurant by Thai developer, Sansiri

Jam at Siri House is the latest restaurant to open at Dempsey Hill. It is the f & b part of Siri House, which takes up part of the ground floor of Block 8D at Dempsey. According to its website, “SIRI HOUSE is a lifestyle, social and dining space bringing together people, art, design, food, and retail …”. This seems to be an interesting way for Thai developer Sansiri to provide awareness of their Bangkok projects in Singapore.

Jam at Siri House Dempsey
Jam at Siri House, Dempsey Singapore
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