Yu Kee Duck Rice at Newton Circus

Yu Kee Duck Rice at Newton1

Newton Circus is definitely a popular and convenient place for those looking for tasty local food. Although there had been some unfortunate incidents at Newton Food Centre concerning the over-charging of tourists, we have so far been happy to stop by for a meal as Newton is still a convenient place to go for good local food and many stalls there are worth checking out.  Yu Kee Duck Rice is a stall that we patronize once in a while.

Many of us would have heard of Yu Kee Duck Rice as it has opened numerous branches island-wide and is synonymous with good quality duck rice.

We were in the vicinity of the Newton recently and decided to buy a take away lunch from the food centre. One of the reasons we chose to order food from the Yu Kee stall is its convenient location at the car park entrance. They are very fast and you can complete your ‘tar pau’ within ten minutes. There are many roast meat dishes and combinations available and this included the “2 Persons Set”, priced very reasonably at $12. In this set, you would get slices of duck meat, some tau kwa and tau pok, chewy pig skin, hard-boiled egg, vegetables and two boxes of flavoured rice. This was what we ordered.

Yu Kee Duck Rice at Newton2

The flavoured rice on its own was already very appetising and it complemented the duck very well. The most surprising item was the tau pok that absorbed a lot of the gravy. You could say that every bite was bursting with flavour. The amount of vegetables was also relatively generous and the produce was fairly fresh.

Overall, Yu Kee has shown that food in Singapore does not always have to be expensive to be yummy. Our only regret is that we did not get to taste the other dishes this time – their char siew looked quite good.

Food: 4
Service: NA
Value: 4
Atmosphere: NA
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops

Yu Kee Duck Rice
Newton Food Centre – Stall 9
500 Clemenceau Ave North
Singapore 229495


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