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Cafe Melba Mediapolis

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 9

Cafe Melba Mediapolis is one of a handful of restaurants located in the new Mediacorp Campus, the new HQ of Mediacorp in Mediapolis@one-north, Singapore’s first digital media hub. We had tried the Style by Style Vibes cafe which actress Sharon Au had been promoting. This time we stopped by Cafe Melba Mediapolis to see what they had to offer.

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 10

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 1

The interior of Cafe Melba Mediapolis was pleasant, the use of wood for most of the furniture and surfaces gave it a warm feel. There is a large alfresco dining area which looks out on the rest of the rooftop garden.

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 3

Here are pictures of portions of the Cafe Melba Mediapolis menu. The items were mostly the usual Western fare like pizza, pasta, sandwiches and burgers.  We decided to try something that is common and something that was more unusual –  a forest mushroom pizza ($18 for 9 inch pizza) and a lamb vindaloo ($26).

Cafe Melba Mediapolis Menu - 1

Cafe Melba Mediapolis Menu - 2

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 4

The forest mushroom was good, with a very thin crust and tasty mushroom flavours.

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 8

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 7

The lamb vindaloo was an unusual dish to find in a Western restaurant. The lamb curry was served with potato wedges and a basket of “pizza bread” which was very much like garlic naan.  We were disappointed with the lamb part of this dish. The vindaloo “curry” was a tomato based sauce that tasted more like pasta sauce. It was nothing like the traditional vindaloo curry. The other parts of the dish – the potato wedges and the “pizza bread” were actually quite good.

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 6


Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 5

For drinks we had a Hoegaarden Rosee and a lemonade ($8 each).

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 2

Overall, the spaciousness of Cafe Melba Mediapolis makes it a very pleasant place to have a meal, especially when the folks at Mediacorp has fully moved in and we can spot a celebrity or two. Food selection is however critical as the two items we had that day had very different levels of appeal to us.

Cafe Melba Mediapolis - 11

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Cafe Melba Mediapolis
1 Stars Avenue, #03-01
Singapore, 138507

Nearest MRT Station: One-North

Tel: +65 6352 2721

Opening Hours :
Monday-Friday: 10am – 10pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 8:30am-10pm


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