Dim sum at Ba Xian Chinese restaurant (八仙) Tower Club, Singapore

Ba Xian (八仙) is a Chinese restaurant in the Tower Club that is located at the top floors of the Republic Plaza in the Singapore Raffles Place area. This club is a members only club although there could be other methods of entry by those with affiliations. Other than these two routes, being invited in as a guest is the only other way (and the best way) in.


View of reception from Ba Xian


Ba Xian is located on level 63, the middle of the three top floors occupied by the Tower Club. The reception, a gym and some other restaurants are on the 62 and 64 floors. The general dining room was nice enough but the private rooms look even more glamourous.



We did not pick a good day to visit as it was very cloudy.  We were cheated of the clear panoramic views of Singapore that day. Here are some pictures from the reception and the restaurant. This is one of the few places that one can look down on MBS.



It seems that Saturdays are the best day to have dim sum at Ba Xian. Dim sum costs half the regular price. Here are pictures of their dim sum menu plus a page from the regular menu.  The prices actually look quite reasonable for such a posh place.




Here are the pictures of the dim sum that we had. A deep-fried item that I cannot remember and the usual dim sum suspects like char siew pau, xiao long pau and har kow.





My expectations were high, considering the exclusiveness of this restaurant. Surprisingly, the dim sum tasted very normal. In fact the skins of the dumplings were quite rough and thick.  Other than the food, everything else was top-notch – the service, the decor and the overall ambience of the place.



The highlight of the lunch was not the food but the beauty of the premises. I had to restrain myself from taking more pictures of the place, so as not to appear like a tortoise from the mountain. Here is another picture of the reception area.


The Tower Club Singapore
9 Raffles Place
Penthouse (62nd – 64th Floors)
Republic Plaza Tower 1
Singapore 048619

Tel: +65  6737 3388



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