Gyu-Kaku Restaurant – good quality value set lunch

Gyu-Kaku Value Lunch Sett

Gyu-Kaku Restaurant at One KM

Gyu-Kaku is the No.1 Japanese Yakiniku restaurant chain with over 600 restaurants in Japan and many outlets all over the world. This Japanese BBQ restaurant is known for its Kagoshima Black Wagyu but it also has a wide variety of other items on its menu at reasonable prices. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant also offers buffet deals and affordable lunch sets.


We visited the Gyu-Kaku Restaurant at One KM Mall in Tanjong Katong for lunch. It occupies a small L-shaped space. Its decor combined traditional Japanese wood elements with modern bright red booth seats. We thought it was a nice cosy place.

Gyu-Kaku Restaurant

Gyu-Kaku Restaurant’s menus are large with lots of photos. On offer are Salad, Wagyu, Kurobuta Tongue, Seafood, Gyozas, Sausages, Rice Dishes, Noodles, Desserts as well as Whisky, Wine, Sake and Shochu. There are also Assorted Platters and Set Meals. Here are photos of a few sample pages of Gyu-Kaku’s menus.

Gyu-Kaku Menu

Gyu-Kaku Menu

Gyu-Kaku Value Lunch

We ordered a Gyu-Kaku Bento Set ($15) and a Gyu-Suji Don ($12). GST and Service Charge would be added to the bill. The wait for the food was about 15 minutes. The service was generally very polite and attentive.

Gyu-Kaku Value Lunch Sett

Gyu-Kaku Bento Set comprised a variety of items in sampling portions. There were cold items, deep fried items, stir fried items, rice and salad plus a bowl of soup.

Gyu-Kaku at One KM Mall

Gyu-Kaku Bento Set

Gyu-Kaku Bento Lunch Set

On the day we were there, they had run out of an item and so we got two portions of tofu instead. All the items were enjoyable and the well marinated beef deserved special mention. It was a good meal at a very reasonable price.

Gyu-Kaku at One KM Mall

Gyu-Kaku Tanjong Katong

The Gyu-Suji Don was served with salad and a bowl of soup. The rice bowl dish was of a sensible portion. The amount of beef was quite generous. Each slice of the beef was lean but succulent and rich in flavour.

Gyu-Kaku Restaurant Tanjong Katong

Gyu-Kaku Restaurant Singapore

Gyu-Kaku states on its website that they promise high quality and fresh food with wonderful atmosphere and reasonable price.  We are not sure about the wonderful atmosphere part but our lunch at Gyu-Kaku One KM was certainly a delicious meal with quality food at very reasonable prices.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs  4 tops


Gyu-Kaku Restaurant
11 Tanjong Katong Road
One KM, #01-16
Singapore 437157

Tel: (65) 6362 4001

Opening Hours:
1200hrs – 2300hrs

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