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Providore Downtown – Shenton Way mega cafe in OUE Downtown Gallery

The Providore Downtown just opened on Shenton Way. It is a mega f & b enterprise in OUE Gallery, which is the retail podium of the development known as OUE Downtown. For those of us who do not frequent this part of Singapore, we may be more familiar with the previous development that stood on this place – the DBS Building. The new development looks quite different. Sitting on top of the retail podium are two office tower blocks, now known as OUE Downtown 1 and OUE Downtown 2.

The new Providore Shenton Way is a massive place. It takes up tens of thousands of square feet in basement 1 of OUE Downtown. Travellators from the ground floor lead straight into it. Was this vast space originally intended for a supermarket? Anyway, the current arrangement is more fun.  There are areas for different dining sections, wine retail and enjoyment, coffee section, bakery, cooking studio, retail of kitchen hardware and fresh produce.  Here are some pictures of these areas. There could be some that we missed.

Providore Downtown Dining Section

Wines and Spirits Section
The Providore Downtown
The Providore Downtown, Wine area

Dining Section 2

Coffee Section
The Providore Downtown Coffee
The Providore Downtown, Coffee area


Cooking Studio
Providore Downtown Cooking Studio
Providore Downtown Cooking Studio

Providore Downtown Books for sale
Providore Downtown Cook books
Breads and Cakes

Tea & Chocolates

Hardware Retail

Fresh Produce


Providore Downtown Menu

That is all the sightseeing at Providore Downtown that we have for you. Now we show you the food and what we ate that day. Here is a picture of the Providore Shenton Menu.

The Providore Downtown Menu
The Providore Downtown Menu

The smashed avocado on toast ($18.50) was well received. The tomatoes with vine attached looked very attractive.  There were smashed bits of avocado and feta cheese on the toast. You can’t see it as they are under the egg.  We would order this again. It is best to eat this quickly as the toast softens very quickly with the moisture of the avocado.

The club sandwich ($16.50) was the lowest cost item but received the highest approval of the day. Everything about it was good. The slices of bread and the generous contents in between, including thick slices of ham and chicken. The portion of this dish was also large. It would be enough for two people with small appetites.

The Spanish baked eggs ($18.50) was the disappointment of the day. The presentation was very plain and the taste was not bad, but not the standard we have to come to expect from Providore.

It was hard to make a decision on which desserts to eat at The Providore Downtown. There were many options. In the end we tried the Tiramisu and Mount Kato. Costing $9.50 each, these small sweet things were quite pricey. The taste of both were very good. The tiramisu had a texture that was very smooth and refined. The alcoholic taste was noticeable in a nice way. The Mt Kato was a more unusual piece of cake. It contained a mix of green tea, yuzu and white beans on an almond base. Very pleasant and complex. If we have to eat one, the Mt Kato is the one to have.


Coffee at the Providore Downtown was strong and robust. We found the black coffee too bitter. The cappuccino version was much better (both $5 each). Overall the new Providore Shenton Way is an amazing place. It is certainly worth a visit even if you do not work around here.

Coffee at The Providore Downtown Gallery

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs 4 tops

The Providore Downtown
OUE Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way #B1-07
Singapore 068815

Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 6431 7600

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-10:30pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 9am-6pm

Nearby MRT Station : Tanjong Pagar

The Providore Website

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