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Jiak Modern Tze Char HillV2

Since the HillV2 Mall in Hillview opened in 2014, there had been some changes in the tenants.  Jiak Modern Tze Char is one of the newer restaurants there. It opened around early 2017 and took over the space formerly occupied by Padang Gourmet. According to the description on their menu, “Jiak is a family friendly Halal Chinese restaurant that serves authentic and traditional tze char dishes throughout the day”. We stopped by  to ‘jiak’ lunch recently.

Jiak Modern Tze char HillV2

Jiak Modern Tze char HillV2 new restaurant

Jiak Modern Tze Char menu.

The layout at Jiak Modern Tze Char restaurant has not changed since the Padang Gourmet days although the furniture looks different and the walls have received some cosmetic treatment.  Here is a picture of the Jiak Modern Tze Char menu.

Jiak Modern Tze Char menu
Jiak Modern Tze Char menu.

Jiak Modern Tze Char restaurant has a student set lunch deal – $5 for a rice or noodle dish plus a fruit juice. One of us qualified as a student and so we ordered a set lunch of fried rice and added a few other dishes.

The fried rice normally costs $5 (small portion) and so the benefit of the set lunch was just the drink.  It was quite a good Yang Zhou fried rice.

The tom yum seafood soup ($10 for a small portion) was of the murky variety (as opposed to the clear soup types). The spiciness level was just nice but we found it too sour and salty such that it drowned out the natural taste of the ingredients.

The claypot golden chicken ($10 for small portion) was the best dish of the day.  I believe the chucks of chicken were fried till golden brown and then cooked in the claypot.  It is definitely a dish we will try again on a next visit.

For the vegetable in our meal and we decided on the sambal kangkong ($8).  It was a well prepared kang kong except that it was a tad salty.

Overall we thought that Jiak Modern Tze Char was a nice friendly restaurant to have a simple meal in the Upper Bukit Timah area. It is good that they open continuously throughout the day and diners can pop in during in-between hours.  If only the flavoring of the dishes was less strong.

Jiak Modern Tze Char
4 Hillview Rise
#02-04 HillV2
Singapore 667979

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 9.30 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Hillview

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