SGF Orchid Show 2018 and what to eat there

If you have time this week, we suggest a visit to the The Singapore Botanic Gardens anytime between 21 to 29 April 2018.   That is when the SGF Orchid Show 2018 (a Singapore Garden Festival Event) will be held. We stumbled upon it during our visit and the displays are amazing. Entry to the Orchid Gardens is free for Singapore residents.  Even without entering the Orchid Gardens, there are lots of activity spread throughout the Botanic Gardens.  And of course where there are activities and people, there is food.

This being a food blog and not house and garden, we will only show you a few of pictures of the displays which we thought were beautiful. The orchid jellyfishes and the orchid mermaid are just some of the displays in the common area.

Here are some pictures of the SGF Orchid Show  2018 highlights and the program. Please note that while the orchid show lasts throughout the week, the special activities like concerts and workshops are set up only during the two sets of weekends – please consult the official program.

SGF Orchid Show 2018
SGF Orchid Show 2018 Highlights
SGF Orchid Show 2018 Program

A concert was held on Saturday 21 April at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. At the back of the sloping lawn, a few pop-up f & b stalls were set up. This is a good place to have a picnic. Just bring the mat and the food and drinks can be purchased on the spot.

SGF Orchid Show 2018 Food

Kueh Ho Jiak serves local cakes and ice cream. This stall was really popular. These three pieces of nonya kueh were all that was left when we were there.

More serious food can be found at the stall set up by the Halia – chilli crab spaghettini and lamb burgers were sold there.

More local delights like otah, roti John and Ramli burger can be found at the next stall.  Churros at the next stall may appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Over at the Eco Lake Lawn which is at the other end of Botanical Gardens near Bukit Timah Road, the stage was set for the screening of a movie “A Plastic Ocean”. I think that was screened in conjunction with Earth Day 2018 which has the theme “End Plastic Pollution”.  A food truck was on hand to feed the movie goers.

In addition to the activities, retail stalls have been set up in a central area of the Gardens (near the Orchid Garden). These stalls sell orchids and horticulture related items to visitors.

For more details on the activities and events held during SGF Orchid Show 2018 – please visit the Botanic Gardens website.

Restaurants at Botanic Gardens

In addition to the pop-up food stalls, the permanent restaurants at Botanic Gardens are available to visitors. These include the Michelin-starred fine dining Corner House to casual restaurant Casa Verde that serves a wide range of food – from pizzas to laksa.

For a full list and description of the restaurants at Botanic Gardens, please read our post What to eat at Botanic Gardens.

Corner House at Botanical Gardens
The Corner House Restaurant
Casa Verde Restaurant
Bee's Knees Botanic Gardens
Bee’s Knees Cafe

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