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Han Bing Cafe – great for gorgeous looking Bingsu in unique flavours

Han Bing Cafe at Serene Centre is one of those small cosy cafe that you are happy to find in your neighbourhood.  It does not boast of trendy decor or hipster baristas but it is there when you need a snack or a simple meal. Besides down to earth Korean fare, Han Bing Cafe also offers gorgeous looking Bingsu is a variety of flavours.

Han Bing Cafe

Located on the ground level of Serene Centre, Han Bing Cafe is small. The dining area can squeeze in less than 20 patrons. It has “Kawaii decor” but it gives the impression that it is a homely cafe run by your neighbourhood aunty. The most attractive thing we saw at the cafe was the poster of its colourful bowls of bingsu.

Han Bing Cafe Serene Centre

Han Bing Cafe  Han Bing Cafe

Han Bing Cafe Menu

Han Bing Cafe

As its name tells us, Han Bing Cafes serves Korean cuisine and bingsu. Classic Army Stew, Kimchi Pancake, Teppoki and other familiar Korean favourites are on the menu. There is a wide variety of binbgsu on the menu – from the traditional injeolmi to local concoctions like Chendol bingsu and Nestum bingsu. Below are pictures of a few pages of  Han Bing Cafe’s Menu.

Han Bing Cafe Menu

Han Bing Cafe Menu  Menu of Han Bing Cafe

Bulgogi and Sandwich

We ordered a Pork Bulgogi ($17.80) and a Korean Street Egg Sandwich ($8.80). No GST and no service charge would be added to the bill.

Han Bing Cafe Bulgogi

Han Bing Cafe Kimchi


The Pork Bulgogi came with a bowl of rice and kimchi in a small saucer. The portion of the pork slices was very generous. The grilled marinated meat was tender, juicy, sweet and savoury – simply delicious.

Han Bing Cafe Bulgogi

Han Bing Cafe Sandwich

We did not quite know what to expect when we ordered the Korean Street Egg Sandwich. When it arrived, it looked like a fried egg between two pieces of bread; like a sandwich which a young child would make for mother’s day breakfast. The fillings included onions and cabbage and a dusting of brown sugar. It was very average – it tasted like an egg sandwich with lots of onions – not a case of no looks but great taste.

Han Bing Cafe Sandwich

Bingsu at Han Bing Cafe

We rounded off our simple meal with a mini bingsu ($4.80) for a small portion. That was eye candy as well as a treat for the palate. The ice shavings, made with patented snowflakes making machine imported from Korea, really had the texture of powdery snow. We would put Han Bing Cafe in our shortlist of places for the best bingsu in Singapore.

Han Bing Cafe Bingsu

Han Bing Cafe is a homely and cosy cafe with friendly owner/manager and staff. The bingsu is great and we would visit it again to try bingsu in different interesting flavours.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   

3 Tops

Han Bing Cafe
10 Jalan Serene
Serene Centre, #01-03B
Singapore 258748

Tel: +65 9274 8808

Opening Hours: 12 noon – 9 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Botanic Gardens

Facebook Page


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