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Strangers at Work in Raffles Place

Strangers at Work is an offshoot of Strangers’ Reunion, a lovely cafe in Kampong Bahru. Strangers’ Reunion also has a beautiful cafe in Prinsep Street known as Curious Palette. Strangers at Work is like a poor stepsister. It is really a hole in the wall with a view of the escalator in The Arcade. Nevertheless, its good specialty coffee attracts a fair share of the princes and princesses of Raffles Place.

Strangers at Work

Strangers at Work

Located on the ground level of The Arcade, one of the oldest buildings in Raffles Place, Strangers at Work takes up a very small space – like one of the lots occupied by the moneychangers. Strangers at Work was probably conceived as a takeaway counter but it managed to squeeze in a benchtop and a few small tables. It caters to the office crowd and operates only on weekdays, opening as early as 7 am.

Strangers at Work

There is no place for cooking in Strangers at Work. So coffee is the main event here. Toasties are the only food items available when we visited recently.

Strangers at Work Menu

We ordered an Egg & Mayo Toasties ($5.90) as well as hot and cold coffee – Long Black ($5.30), Cafe Latte ($5.30) and Iced Latte ($6.30). We placed our orders and paid at the counter. The food and drinks were served to us.

Strangers at Work Toasties

Strangers at Work Toasties

The Egg & Mayo Toasties were fine but nothing to get excited about. Each cup of the carefully prepared coffee was very good.

Strangers at Work Coffee

The long black arrived ready to drink, temperature wise, and had strong aroma and taste.

Strangers at Work Raffles Place

The hot latte was creamy with a velvety texture but it had a robust caffeine kick. It would be a good gentle wake me up coffee before heading to the office. The iced latte was delicious and refreshing.

Strangers at Work The Arcade

The compact space and limited menu might not make it a place to linger. However, Strangers at Work is a gem of a coffee spot in Raffles Place. It is unpretentious and the warm and friendly baristas serve excellent coffee. If you are new at a workplace, buy your colleagues coffee from Strangers at Work and you should soon be treated as a stranger no more.

Strangers at Work Raffles Place


Strangers at Work
11 Collyer Quay
#01-21 The Arcade
Singapore 049317
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Tel: +65 6222 4869

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7.30 am – 5.30 pm
Sat & Sun : Closed

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