Wok Hey Delivery by Foodpanda – fried rice paradise at home?

Wok Hey is a chain of food outlets that has quite a few locations all over Singapore. We have seen their kiosks before in different places but had yet to try them. So when the Foodpanda website showed up a Clementi Mall Wok Hey delivery option with a 4.7/5 star rating, we thought it was time to give it a try.

The range of items on the Wok Hey delivery menu is not very wide. Basically, there are different styles of fried rice, ramen and udon with optional add-on protein and other toppings – grilled chicken, braised beef or seasoned prawns etc. This is what the Foodpanda Wok Hey delivery menu looks like. We ordered an egg fried rice with grilled chicken ($7.80) and a fresh udon with grilled chicken ($8.30). The food delivery fee was $3.49.

Our Wok Hey Delivery Lunch

The food arrived in cute paper takeaway boxes. They look like those used for Chinese food takeaway in Western countries. There was some initial disappointment when we opened the boxes. The food did not look anything like the nice pictures on the menu. Where was the chicken? We found chunks of chicken buried inside the rice and udon.

A big reason we decided on Wok Hey was that the smoky aroma and flavour of wok hei can elevate humble dishes like fried rice and noodles to very memorable dishes. For a better description of what is wok hei, the Singapore Michelin Guide has provided a definition of the ‘breath of a wok’.

The udon had more wok hei than the rice. It is also a more flavourful dish as there were sauces added. Some vegetables (mostly cabbage I think) provided sweetness and crunch. It quite an enjoyable dish.

The fried rice was nice but it was not quite paradise. Wok hei was hardly detected. There was a choice of rice – Japanese rice or Jasmine Thai rice. We selected the former. The grains of Japanese rice were fat and chewy which we like.

The portions of both items were not large as you can tell from the boxes, but not as small as we initially thought. They are probably enough for lunch for those with not a big appetite.

WOK HEY (Clementi Mall)
Delivery hours
Mon – Sun 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Address: 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West B1-K22, Singapore 129588

Foodpanda Wok Hey Delivery Website

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