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Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway – $15 Dim Sum Lunch

Wan Hao Bento Box takeaways cost $15 nett each. There are choices of dim sum bento boxes or rice with dishes. The Wan Hao Chinese restaurant at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is highly regarded for their up-market Cantonese cuisine. We were curious about their down-to-earth bento boxes and so decided to try a couple.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway - $15 Dim Sum Lunch

We were initially impressed by the driveway pick-up service offered by Wan Hao when we called them to place our order. They asked for the usual information plus car number and even colour of car. We were mentally prepared for a quick pit stop at the Marriott driveway like what we experienced at Grand Hyatt. But that was not the case. The food had to be picked up from the restaurant on the third floor. They were apparently short-handed that day. It was not ideal but these things happen, especially during this COVID period.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway - $15 Dim Sum Lunch

There are basically two categories of $15 Wan Hao bento boxes – dim sum and rice with dishes. There are two dim sum bento boxes to choose from. We chose Bento Box B. The rice bento boxes offer more variety – you can customise your bento by choosing items from different categories. Here is a screenshot of a portion of the menu so you can see some of the options available.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway Menu

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway – Our $15 Lunch

Here is a picture of our Wan Hao bento boxes. They look nice and we were satisfied with both of them overall. But we thought the dim sum bento was more special as it is rare for us to have good dim sum at home.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway - $15 Lunch

Each dim sum bento contains 7 items. There are common items in both bento set A and bento set B, so the choice lies in which set offers the unique items that appeal to you. For us, it was the Baked Honey-Glazed Pork Bun that is only available in set B.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway - $15 Dim Sum Lunch

The picture below is a better picture as it shows the Steamed Glutinous Rice unwrapped. The pieces of dim sum were of high quality and we enjoyed every one of them. We were glad that we chose set B as the unique items – baked bun and the deep-fried prawn roll with mango were outstanding.

Wan Hao Bento Box Takeaway - $15 Dim Sum Lunch

For our other dish we selected Pork Ribs with Mandarin Orange Sauce, Sautéed Garoupa Fillet with XO Sauce, Braised Seaweed Beancurd with Wild Mushroom, Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kailan with Black Garlic with brown rice. Everything was good. The only downside is that it looks a bit like expensive economy rice. Which may be an unfair comment as the quality of food is high and the taste more sophisticated. But if forced to make a choice, I would have the dim sum bento simply because a dim sum lunch is more different from the usual.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Level 3, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

Wan Hao

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Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius

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