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Splashing New De Tian Coffeeshop at Block 81 Marine Parade

The kopitiam at Block 81 Marine Parade Central may seem like just another coffeeshop, but its history is flooded with interesting incidents. In 2018, it gained fame, or notoriety, when photos of customers calmly enjoying their meals amidst ankle-deep water went viral (see Patrons remain chill even as Marine Parade coffee shop gets flooded with ankle-deep water – Coconuts Singapore). It experienced flooding several other times. After another major flood incident in 2023 (see ‘Like a vast ocean’: Heavy rain sends diners running out of flooded Marine Parade coffee shop – AsiaOne), the coffeeshop underwent a transformation under new management, and emerges as the new De Tian Coffeeshop.

Blk 81 Marine Parade-

De Tian Coffeeshop at Block 81 Marine parade

New De Tian Coffeeshop at Block 81 Marine Parade

Strategically situated near essential amenities like the polyclinic, supermarket, and the new Marine Parade MRT station of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), the coffeeshop offers convenience alongside its cheap and good food. Following the major renovation works, which included flood mitigation measures, its contemporary food court aesthetics provide a welcoming ambience. Despite the low ceilings typical of older HDB shophouses, ample ceiling fans keep the space well-ventilated and breezy. For those who prefer the old familiar feeling, there is a section out on the pavement with the typical plastic chairs and tables found in HDB coffeeshops.

New De Tian Coffeeshop at Block 81 Marine Parade

While some old stalls like Bao Bao Popiah and Somerset Wantan Mee will be missed, new stalls with interesting offerings have taken their place. Here’s a quick look at the stalls at the new De Tian Coffeeshop in Block 81 Marine Parade Central.

Fu Lee Seafood

The Zhi Char stall is Fu Lee Seafood, which has several other outlets in Singapore.

They offer the usual zhi char dishes as well as one dish meals. Chilli crabs and Thai style fried pig’s trotter are among other dishes available.

Website of Fu Lee Group

FuLee Mixed Vegetable Rice

The Fu Lee group also runs the economic rice stall. The prices are very affordable. Currently, we can get at a plate of rice with 1 meat and 1 vegetable from as low as $2.50.

Chao Yuan Noodle

潮源面家 Chao Yuan Noodle is a popular noodle stall with many other outlets in Singapore.


Facebook Page of Chao Yuan Noodle

Chops & Sear

The Western food stall for fried chicken, burger, pasta and more is Chops & Sear.

Menu of Chops & Sear at Blk 81 Marine Parade

Facebook Page of Chops & Sear

Ah Hwa

Ah Hwa sells wanton noodles and omelette rice as well as a variety of side dishes.

Facebook Page of Ah Hwa Noodle House

Helen’s Korean & Japanese

Bibimbab, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Salmon Don and Bento Sets are among the wide array of popular Korean and Japanese dishes available at Helen Japanese & Korean.

Fong Huo Koka Noodle

Notwithanding the name, Fong Huo Koka Noodle sells more than just noodles. Tom Yum Seafood Soup and a variety of porridge are also available.

Fong Hup Koka Noodle

Charcoal Master

Charcoal Master offers roast meat, char siew, chicken and duck with noodles and rice.


Soon Heng

Soon Heng offers Prawn Noodle and Lor Mee.

S.M.R. Indian Muslim Food

S.M.R. Indian Muslim Food serves Northern and Southern Indian cuisine – including tandoori chicken, chapati, roti prata and briyani rice.

There is of course also the drinks stall for beverages and traditional egg and toast breakfast.

De Tian Coffeeshop - Price List

The sign at the coffeeshop says “open 24 hours”. We are not sure if all the stalls stay open round the clock, but presumably at least the drinks stall will be open.

Residents in the neighborhood should be pleased with the new De Tian Coffeeshop at Block 81 Marine Parade Central. Patrons can now indulge in a diverse selection of cheap and good food in a pleasant environment, without worrying about getting their feet wet.


De Tian Coffeeshop
81 Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440081

De Tian Website

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