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Puteri Harbour Cafe – 10 Ringgit Lunch at 5 Star Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

We had a good lunch for 10 Malaysian ringgit (about S$3.80 at current exchange rate) at a 5 star location in Nusajaya, Malaysia. Puteri Harbour Cafe & Bar is a restaurant in the public marina of Puteri Harbour in Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia. The restaurant faces the marina and has both indoor and outdoor seatings. It serves a  wide range of local and western food. It is a wonderful venue for a meal with a view at very affordable prices.

Puteri Harbour

We drove up to Johore and when we were at Puteri Harbour it was near lunch time. We decided to have a quick lunch there. Puteri Harbour is seen as the flagship development for the new regional city of Nusajaya in Johore. Dubbed by some as the “Sentosa Cove of Johore”, Puteri Harbour is an integrated urban waterfront development with residential, commercial and leisure lifestyle precincts. Dining at the Puteri Harbour Marina offers a waterfront view that rivals that of some of the most scenic locales in Australian coastal cities or even the French Riviera.

There are a number of food and beverage outlets lining the promenade fronting the marina. Puteri Harbour Cafe & Bar is a fairly small cafe just next to the entrance to the clubhouse of the Puteri Harbour Marina. The interior of the cafe is simply decorated and there are only a few tables. For obvious reason, there are many more tables outdoor where you can get a great view.

Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour Cafe & Bar has a regular a la carte menu with a good range items such as grills, fish & chips and mee goreng. We were immediately attracted to their offering of nasi campur (Malay mixed rice). The setup was buffet style. The rice, soup and various dishes were in pots on the tables just outside the cafe. There were also drinks offered as part of the buffet. We had a choice of paying 7 ringgit for a small plate or 10 ringgit for a regular size dinner plate.

We opted for the 10 ringgit plate. With our plates, we went round and chose whatever we liked and piled them onto our plates. It was an all you could eat or pile into one plate affair; but no second helping.

There were more than a dozen different dishes on the buffet table including sardines with potatoes, eggs, curry chicken, noodles and several varieties of vegetables. Seafood items included catfish, squids and prawns. They were all cooked in traditional Malay style meaning lots of sambal and other spices and the use of coconut milk. The food were all quite delicious. We wanted a quick light lunch but were easily tempted to eat more than we should (as usual).

Harbour Cafe Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

It was a very pleasant lunch stop at Puteri Harbour. For about S$3.80 we had a delicious lunch in an idyllic setting with a scenic view. Cheap and good; or more like cheap and great.

Harbour Cafe Puteri HarbourRatings:
Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Puteri Harbour Cafe & Bar
Puteri Harbour Satelite Clubhouse
Lot PTD 141090, 79000 Nusajaya
Johor, Malaysia

Tel : +60 7-554 3896

Opens daily from 9am to 12 midnight



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2 thoughts on “Puteri Harbour Cafe – 10 Ringgit Lunch at 5 Star Puteri Harbour”

  1. i was so silly, I went to eat at the hotel during lunch time
    and i was wondering why only 5 tables of guests at a 5 star hotel !!

    1. We would have headed to the hotel too, which looked very nice, if we had not stumbled upon the Puteri Harbour Cafe. We also saw an OldTown White Coffee at the marina. We must explore the area more.

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