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Foodbarn Fusionopolis, a country themed restaurant in One North

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 5

Foodbarn Restaurant is an attractive restaurant located on the ground floor of the Galaxis building in the Fusionopolis complex in One North, Buona Vista. True to its name, Foodbarn is decorated with a country barn theme.  Heavy solid wood table tops, rusty lamps, metal chairs and even sliding barn doors provide attractive accents to this restaurant’s interior. The only thing not barn-like about this place is its clean, tidy appearance. We stopped by for cake and coffee.

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 7

The menu of the Foodbarn Fusionopolis is displayed on billboards above the service counter. This is a self-service restaurant. Order, pay and collect the food from the center. They serve Western food here – mainly sandwiches, burgers and breakfast food.

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 1

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 2

The restaurant is located in a ground floor corner unit which ensures high visibility and a good supply of natural sunlight.  It is quite surreal to look out at the space-age buildings of Fusionopolis from the barn-like interior of this restaurant.

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 6

Foodbarn Fusionopolis is a large restaurant.  There is plenty of space and tables and seats are placed far apart,  a nice change from the cramped quarters we experienced at other cafes recently.  Beer is served and there some pub-grub like meat balls and chicken wings are served during happy hours.

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 4

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 3

We were stopped by for some coffee and dessert and settled on a Double Mocha Fudge ($7) to share, a coffee ($3.50)  and cappuccino ($4.50). The fudge cake was dense with strong chocolate flavours.  Good thing we only ordered one to share as this thing must contain a thousand calories.  The coffee was also rich and robust without any sour taste. Overall, the food and coffee at Foodbarn Fusionopolis was good. But the overall enjoyment was even better because of bright, spacious environment and delightful barn decor.  It will certainly be a conducive place for happy hour drinks!

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 8

FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis - 9

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops



FoodBarn @ Galaxis Fusionopolis
1 Fusionopolis Place #01-13
Singapore 138522

Tel: +65 6556 0711

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1 thought on “Foodbarn Fusionopolis, a country themed restaurant in One North”

  1. I am very disappointed with their service. I went there earlier today for lunch with a friend who had traveled for an hour to me here. 15 minutes after placing the order we realized that people who reached after us received their orders but we have not received ours. we notified the staff they kept prolonging and said we will get the food in another 5 mins. we waited for another 15 mins and still no response from them. After 30 minutes of waiting since i had to rush for a meeting I had to cancel the order and walk out hungry. Cannot stress how dissapointed i am.

    My friend had agreed to travel for soo long and meet me there because I was always praising their burger. so much for that!!!!

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