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Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles

Inspired by the Straits Times story by Rebecca Lynne Tan: Cheap & Good: Wholesome, comforting fishball noodles at Redhill,  I looked out for the Seng Hong coffee shop in Block 58 Lengkok Bahru when I was at the area recently.  This area has changed quite a bit since the last time I was there. Some of the old blocks look familiar but many new flats and structures have been added. In my hunt for the famous Lengkok Bahru fishball noodles, I was unable to find any signboard but concluded that this coffeeshop must be it as it was the only one I spotted at Block 58.

Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles

The simple sign (which I remember from the article) informing customers whether they will close this Sunday served to indicate that this was probably the place.

The coffeeshop is spacious with just this fishball noodle stall and a drink stall.  I asked for a dry mee pok. Heeding the advice given by Ms Tan, I asked for more vinegar as her mee pok tar turned out to be too dry.

My mee pok tar turned out to be quite different from that featured in the ST article.  It did not look as good and the portion seems much smaller. Perhaps they had ordered a higher priced version. Mine was a standard $3 order.  Another difference was that my mee pok was not as dry. The extra vinegar was probably unnecessary.

I thought that the taste of the mee pok and ingredients were quite good but not something I would go out of my way to seek out. The best part of the meal at this Lengkok Bahru fishball noodle place was the soup – it was tasty had a good balance of the pork and fish taste. The coffee at this coffee shop was quite decent as well ($1.10 for a coffee siu tai).

Overall, the breakfast at Blk 58 Lengkok Bahru fishball noodles was a quintessential Singapore coffee shop type of breakfast.  It was not an elegant place but comfortable nonetheless. This coffee shop with no obvious signboard is obviously a popular hangout for a constant stream of regulars who dropped in singly or in small groups during the time I was there.


Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles
Block 58 Lengkok Bahru (near Redhill MRT Station)
Singapore 150058


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