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Set Lunch at Morganfield’s VivoCity

Morganfield’s VivoCity is one of the four outlets of Morganfield’s in Singapore. They are known for their American BBQ prime pork ribs which they call “Sticky Bones spare ribs”. But that was not what attracted me to have lunch there recently. It was the “Top Value Set Lunch” sign.

Morganfield's VivoCity
 Morganfield's VivoCity

Morganfield’s VivoCity has the same rustic country style decor. Not my type of decor for home but perfectly suitable when eating a slab of ribs while quaffing down a pint of beer. The restaurant is long and deep. The entrance might appear small but there is a deep space inside.

Morganfield’s VivoCity

Morganfield’s VivoCity lunch menu.

Here are pictures of the Morganfield’s VivoCity lunch menu. Basically, the lunch deal was a free soup and drink served with the dish of your choice. I chose the most economical one – the chicken steak ($12.90++).

Morganfield’s VivoCity Menu
Morganfield’s lunch menu.

A goulash soup and an iced lemon tea was served soon after I placed my order. The goulash was not as meaty as I would have liked it to be but was okay. It would have been better if they provided some bread to go with it.

Morganfield’s Vivo City chicken steak

The chicken steak was better than I had expected. I was glad that it was a piece of boneless chicken thigh, and not chicken breast. The meat was moist and skin was nicely charred. The seasoning was just nice, I ate it without using any of the sauces provided. There was an ample amount of fries to go with the meat.

With GST and service charge, the total bill for lunch was $15.20. A fair price for dining in a nice and quiet place at VivoCity. Service was friendly and helpful.


Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Morganfield’s Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk 
#01-51A VivoCity 
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6225 0501

MRT Station: Harbourfront


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