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The advice to buy food and groceries online as part of the safe distancing measures may be the trigger to many people to start using grocery delivery service in Singapore. Grocery delivery services can offer convenience while still allowing for competitive prices and variety of goods. Here is the The Ordinary Patrons’ List of Singapore Grocery Delivery Service – covering delivery of a wide range of goods, from local farm produce and seafood from Alaska to wet market essentials and food for special diets.

Culina Market

We will list the Singapore groceries with delivery service and give information about delivery fees where available; but please do check with the vendors as everything is fluid in current times.

Green Circle – local farm fresh

Green Circle

Green Circle is Singapore’s very own organic farm. Its online store offers vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in the farm. It also distributes imported greens, grains and condiments.

Minimum Order: $30 ($50 for imported goods)
Delivery Fee: $8

Grocery Owl – by Lam Soon

Grocery Owl

Grocery Owl is an e-commerce portal of Lam Soon Singapore, the people with brands like Knife Cooking Oil and Zip Dishwashing Liquid. They carry organic rice and pasta, sauces, beverages and various household and personal care products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $40

Best Organic Food – organic vegs & fruits

Best Organic Food

Best Organic Food is a local grower and distributor of organic vegetables, fruits and mushrooms.

Free Delivery: Orders above $50

Market Fresh – online wet market

Market Fresh - online wet market

Market Fresh operates like a wet market. You can order vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry choy, prawns, fish, beancurd, dry goods and fruits which you would find in a wet market. Orders for the day would be packed on the morning itself and kept fresh in a chilled environment during delivery.

Free Delivery: Orders above $68

Shine Korea – Korean essentials

Shine Korea

If you need Korean ramen, Hite beer, seaweed snacks and the like, you will find them at Shine Korea, which also offer Korean baking products, condiments and personal care products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $80

Huber’s Butchery – gourmet food

Huber's Butchery

Huber’s Butchery offer quality meats and dairy products. There is also a wide range of gourmet food including salami, grains, vinegar, pate and pastries.

Free Delivery: Orders above $100

Little Farms – expat’s favourite

Little Farms at Valley Point

Little Farms is an expat favourite offering meats, seafood, dairy products, grains, ice cream and beverages as well as household items. It also carries products for those with special dietary requirements – such as gluten free, keto and paleo.

Free Delivery: Orders above $100

Get It by Changi Recommends

Get It by Changi Recommends

Get It by Changi Recommends has Wet Market Specials as well as the usual kitchen and household essentials including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, frozen food and wine.

Free Delivery: Orders above $120

SuperNature – organic and natural produce

Culina Market

SuperNature is part of the Como Group, which has the Culina Market in Dempsey. The retailer of organic and natural products offers fresh produce, meats, groceries, baby and children’s needs, beauty and wellness and household products from ethical organic producers around the world. Pasture farmed FRENZ eggs, certified as truly organic and free range, is one of the new items available on SuperNature online.

Free Delivery: Orders above $120

OpenTatse – from farms all over the world


OpenTaste is an online platform for fresh food, connecting consumers with farmers and foodmakers in various countries. Organic carrots from USA, truss tomatoes from Australia and pineapples from Malaysia are among the items that can be delivered to your home.

Free Delivery: Orders above $150

Farmers’ Market – quality meats

Farmer’s Market is a place for meat – including beef, pork, lamb and poultry – and seafood from suppliers in Australia and Europe, with a focus on providing hormone and antibiotic free, sustainably raised products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $150

Ryan’s Grocery – for special diets

Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery offers vegetables, meats and gourmet specialty products, catering especially to those with special dietary requirements.

Free Delivery: Orders above $150

The Alaska Guys – wild caught seafood

The Alaska Guys offers Alaskan seafood that are wild-caught from the pristine waters of Alaska, as well as a variety of other regional seafood products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $200

Meidi-Ya – Japanese groceries


Japanese Supermarket with an extensive range of products. If you need Japanese grocery delivery, take note of Meidi-Ya’s Home Delivery Service.

Free Delivery: Orders above $100

Cold Storage – the fresh food people

Marina One Cold Storage Supermarket

Almost all grocery items you will ever need can be bought from homegrown supermarket, Cold Storage.

Free Delivery: Orders above $59

Giant – hypermart for almost everything

Giant Supermarket Paya Lebar Square

This Singapore grocery delivery service is where you can get groceries as well as all the stay home essentials including wine, beauty products, appliances and pet care products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $59

FairPrice – Singapore’s largest grocery


FairPrice Online is the e-commerce portal of NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd, Singapore’s largest grocery retailer. This is the cheap and good Singapore grocery delivery service. If you can’t find it on FairPrice Online, it will be difficult to find it anywhere else.

Free Delivery: Orders above $79

Allforyou – by Sheng Siong

allforyou by Sheng Siong

Allforyou is the Online Supermarket by Sheng Siong. You can rightly expect fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, meats, sauces, seasonings and all that you may need in the kitchen as well as household and personal care products.

Free Delivery: Orders above $100

HAO Essential Goods

HAO mart

HAO Essential Goods is the online store of Hao Supermarket chain. Food & drinks, cooking essentials and household products are available.

Free Delivery: Orders above $300

EAMART – online groceries shopping site


EAMART is an online lifestyles and groceries shopping site. It offers a wide range of products – from groceries like pasta, rice, ready meals and canned foods to baby formula and pet supplies.

Free Delivery: Orders above $40

More Online Grocery Shopping

Here are links to more online grocery sites.

Vegetables & Fruits




Ah Hua Kelong

Apollo Marine Seafood

D’ Fish Market

Dish The Fish

Evergreen Seafood

Greenwood Fish Market

Fassler Gourmet

Tankfully Fresh

The Fish Wives

The Ocean Mart

The Seafood Marlet Place by Song Fish

Happy Grocery Shopping & Stay Safe.

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Lunches don’t get free just because you don’t see the prices on the menu.  - Thomas Sowell   quote
Lunches don’t get free just because you don’t see the prices on the menu. – Thomas Sowell

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