5 Little Bears Takeaway

We still cannot travel to Taiwan for its cheap and good comfort food. The next best thing for now is to head to Taiwanese eating houses like 5 Little Bears 五只小熊 for inexpensive food with authentic Taiwanese flavours.

5 little bears Paya Lebar Square

5 Little Bears in Paya Lebar

5 Little Bears relocated from Far East Plaza to Paya Lebar Square quite a number of years ago. You can read our earlier post 五只小熊 5 Little Bears at Paya Lebar Square to see some the food we had tried there.

Menu of 5 Little Bears

There has been some changes to the menu of 5 Little Bears over the years but the popular Taiwanese street food items are still available – including fried chicken, braised pork rice and oyster mee sua. Below is a photo of the menu board of 5 Little Bears when we visited the restaurant recently.

5 Little Bears Menu

5 Little Bears Takeaway

5 Little Bears in Paya Lebar has very limited seating capacity so it may be difficult to get a chance to eat there, especially during the usual peak meal times. However, it is convenient to get takeaway from the restaurant to be enjoyed in the work place or at home. We have had 5 Little Bears takeaway meals on a few occasions recently.

5 Little Bears Takeaway

They have bento sets which are attractively priced. The Pork Chop Bento and Teriyaki Chicken Bento ($7.50 each) come with rice, egg and vegetables. Every item in the bento sets was nice. We did not have high expectation regarding the pork chop but it was surprisingly good. It was flavourful and went very well with the plain steamed rice.

5 Little Bears Takeaway

The braised pork rice ($5) or rou rou fan was what you would expect. It had all the usual ingredients of braised pork, pickled vegetables and egg. It was a bowl of simple deletable comfort food.

We also tried their soup noodles ($4.50) and beef noodles ($8.50). They tasted about the same. Both were enjoyable. The main difference would be that instead chunky pieces of beef the soup noodles had prawns and minced meat.

Cheap & Convenient

Even though the menu of 5 Little Bears may seem rather limited there is sufficient variety. The food is tasty and the prices are reasonable. 5 Little Bears is one of the places that will spring to mind when we think of having a cheap and convenient Taiwanese meal. While saving for our air tickets to Taiwan, we will probably be having more 5 Little Bears takeaway meals.

Little Bears 五只小熊
60 Paya Lebar Road, #B1-09
Singapore 409051

Tel: +65 6702 1098

Opening hours : 11.30 am – 9.30 pm

Nearby MRT Station : Paya Lebar Interchange

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A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in.. And how many want out. – Tony Blair

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