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Casuarina Curry – One Stop Shop for Casual Indian Food at Upper Thomson

Casuarina Curry Restaurant is best known for their roti prata, but their menu is extensive. Fish head curry, bryani, thosai, murtabak are all available at this simple restaurant off Upper Thomson in the northern part of Singapore. We were there for a carbo and curry overloaded lunch recently.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant Upper Thomson

Casuarina Curry Restaurant is located along a quiet Casuarina Road that runs parallel to the northern stretch of Upper Thomson Road, just before the junction with Yio Chu Kang Road. We were there at a lunch in a large group. A wide variety of Indian food was ordered. These are those that I managed to try.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant Upper Thomson

The Drinks

The choices of drinks were as interesting as the spread of food. Different types of tea were ordered. Masala tea, iced tea and teh tarek (picture above) were the tea of choice of the diners around me. Those who have no fear of gaining weight went for the 1,000 calorie Milo Godzilla (picture below), which is a Milo Dinosaur (a concentrated, sweet Milo drink and scary enough by itself) topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Casuarina Curry Menu

Here are pictures of some portions of the Casuarina Curry food menu. A large part of it was dedicated to different types of prata, which I think is the best type of food we tried that day. They are also afforable, starting from $1.30 a piece. The fancy flavours are more pricey and which I did not think is necessary to enjoy the best of roti prata.

Casuarina Curry Menu

Besides prata, there are others such as murtabak and curries and also North Indian dishes such as naan and tandoori chicken.

Casuarina Curry Menu
Casuarina Curry Menu

Sumptuous Lunch at Casuarina Curry

Now I will show you the items that I managed to capture during the lunch at Casuarina Curry at Upper Thomson. The most beautiful and amazing item was the paper thosai served with four types of dips (picture below). It is an item best eaten by hand, but in these COVID times, it is best handled with the serving utensils.

My favourite type of dishes were the pratas – a few varieties were served that day – plain prata, coin pratas and flavoured pratas. The simple plain ones had the best texture. They had light thin crisp surfaces with chewy doughy interiors. Very good with the chicken and fish curries provided.

The mushroom and cheese murtabak was a heavy dish that was not as weird as it sounds. It contained a lot of onions which blended with other ingredients. The cheese was very mild and hardly noticeable.

The most pricey dish and my least liked one was the fish head. I thought that the fish was overcooked till it tasted like chicken and the gravy was a tad too sourish.

Another surprising good dish was the mutton briyani (picture below). This would be a dish I am happy to order if I was having lunch by myself at Casuarina Curry. The rice was nice and fluffy and the mutton was tender and without any strong gamey overtones.

It was a lunch were everyone over-ate and experimented with new flavours and renewed acquaintances with old ones.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Casuarina Curry (Upper Thomson)
136 Casuarina Road
Singapore 579524

Tel: 6455 9093 / 6900 9093

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