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DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant @ Kampong Bahru

Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant 大牛潮汕海鲜 is a new Teochew restaurant at Kampong Bahru which opened around the end of 2020. We are always interested to try new Teochew restaurants in Singapore and were there for lunch recently.

DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant @ Kampong Bahru

Sometimes referred to as Da Niu Chao Shan Hai Xian, it is not to be confused with another Teochew restaurant – Chao Shan Cuisine at Philip Street. Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant is located along a shophouse along Kampong Bahru Road. This is a row of old shophouses facing SGH. We found parking lots at the road behind, Blair Road, during a visit on a weekday. But be prepared to practise your parallel parking skills. As Blair Road is a residential area, lots are harder to come by at night or weekends, in which case Spooner Road URA Carpark is the alternative.

DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant @ Kampong Bahru

Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant Menu

Here are pictures of the Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant Menu. The menu is not very extensive but contains many of the usual Teochew restaurant classic dishes. Half of the menu is devoted to seafood dishes.

DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant Menu
DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant Menu


The braised goose was the first to arrive. It looked attractive with the edges nicely browned. The taste was fine but we thought that the meat was relatively tough.

DaNiu Teochew Seafood Restaurant @ Kampong Bahru

With so many seafood items on the menu, we decided to try two of them. The crab steamed with garlic was quite an attractive dish which cost around $60. The crab was very expertly prepared. We could smell the wok hei aroma as the dish was served. The sauce was also very good but the crab was rather small and not very meaty.

The best dish of the day was the prawns with chives. The prawns were large and succulent. The chives were fried perfectly in a tasty gravy. I would be happy to just eat this with plain rice.

Our final dish was fried kway teow ($15 for medium sized portion). This was prepared in Teochew style with kai lan and chai poh. Wok hei was present but we would have preferred more of it and the kway teow to have a bit more charring.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant
61 Kampong Bahru Rd #01-01
For reservations: Call 66776725 or Whatsapp 96972418.

Nearest carparks:
Spooner Road URA Carpark (all day parking)
Parallel parking along Blair Road (limited hours)

Nearest MRT:
Outram Park MRT (exit F / G)


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