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Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots

With more than 100 Suntec City food places and restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to eat at Suntec. Here is The Ordinary Patrons’ (TOP) shortlist of 40 Suntec City restaurants / f & b outlets which are interesting to us.

Suntec City Fountain of Wealth

Suntec City food places are spread out over a wide area of the shopping mall. The main cluster of restaurants can be found at the basement level around the Suntec Fountain of Wealth. To help our readers find where to eat at Suntec City, we have shortisted some of them and organised them into food categories.

Suntec City Food Places: Japanese Restaurants

Tempura Makino

Tempura Makina Suntec City is the first Singapore outlet by Japanese tempura specialty restaurant chain, Makino. We found the vegetable items to be more enjoyable than the seafood items. However, in terms of the overall package of food, service, location and restaurant, it is still good value for money. Read more.

Tempura Makino 
Suntec City #02-305/308 (Near Suntec Convention Centre)

Sukiya : Gyudon and Japanese Curry Rice


Sukiya すき家 is a popular Gyudon chain in Japan. In early 2021, it opened its Singapore outlet in Suntec City. It offers very affordable gyudon beef bowls with a variety of toppings, yakiniku, Japanese curry as well as chicken karage and unagi. Read more.

Sukiya Suntec City
#01-647 East Wing,
3 Temasek Boulevard 
Singapore 038983​
Operating Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.


Sushiro @ Suntec City : Conveyor Belt Sushi

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Sushiro

Established in 1984, Sushiro is said to be Japan’s No.1 conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain, with more than 530 branches in Japan and overseas market. Currently, there are 7 stores in Singapore. They also sell take away sushi from the Sushiro Suntec City outlet. Read about our visit to Sushiro Isetan Scotts here.

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Sushiro

Sushiro Suntec City
East Wing #01-649 / 650
Tel: 6970 6610
11.00am – 10.00pm (Last order at 9.30pm)
Sushiro SG Facebook

Ramen Nagi : Tokyo Ramen of the Year 2012

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Ramen Nagi

The Ramen Nagi restaurant chain was founded by Chef Satoshi Ikuta, the Tokyo Ramen of the Year 2012 Champion. They have 22 outlets in Japan and 28 overseas franchised branches. Ramen Nagi Suntec CIty is their first outlet in Singapore. There is another one at Ion Orchard.

Ramen Nagi Suntec City
Tower 2, North Wing, #01-512 / 513
Open: 11 am to 9 pm

Japanese Restaurant Cluster : Eat at Seven

Clustered together at the North Wing, near Suntec CIty Tower 1, is a group of 7 Japanese restaurants named Eat at Seven. Each of them is a specialist in a particular type of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, tempura, unagi, ramen etc.

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Japan Food
Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Eat at Seven

Eat at Seven Restaurants
3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-306/307, 310-316, 331 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Eat at 7 Tendon Kohaku : Tempura Bowls

Kohaku Tempura, Eat at 7, Suntec City

For tempura that does not break the bank, we suggest tempura rice bowls (tendon) at Tendon Kohaku. Read our review : Tempura Rice Bowls at Kohaku Tempura Restaurant at Suntec City.

#03-310/311 Eat At Seven, Suntec City Tower One
Tel: +65-6333-4386

Eat at 7 Menya Kokoro : Dry Ramen

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Kokoro
Menya Kokoro eat at Seven Suntec City

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant is the first Singapore branch of the popular Japanese chain for Maze-Soba or “Japanese Dry Ramen”. It is one of new outlets in Eat at Seven located on level 3 of Suntec City. Read about our visit here.

Menya Kokoro
#03-313 Eat At Seven, Suntec City Tower One

Eat at 7: Maguro–Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots,

MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou is the sushi specialist at Eat at Seven. Read about our visit here.

Tel: +65-6684-5054

Eat at 7 Tokyo Sundubu : Korean stew, Japanese Style

Sundubu is a type of Korean stew featuring tofu cooked with seafood, meat and vegetables.
Tokyo Sundubu is said to be the No.1 sundubu chain in Japan.

Tokyo Sundubu Suntec City North Wing, #03-312
Tel: +65-6884-4435

Eat at 7 Una Una : Unagi Restaurant at Suntec City

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Una Una

Una Una
#03-315 Suntec City Mall, Eat at Seven

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon-Sun: 11:30am-3pm, 5-10pm (Last Order: 9.30pm)

Eat at 7 Tsuruhashi Fugetsu : Okonomiyaki

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is said to be the leading okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka, Japan.

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Suntec City
Tel: +65-6560-0290

Eat at 7 Katsudon Hanakatsu : Pork and Chicken Katsu-don

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots,  Hanakatsu

Tel: +65-6333-4386

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo
#02-391/392 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Mon-Fri 11:30 ~ 15:00 / 17:00 ~ 22:00
Sat, Sun & PH 11:30 ~ 22:00
Tel: 65-6337-7919

Shabu Sai – Japanese Hotpot Buffet

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Shabu Sai

Popular Japanese Sukiyaki restaurant is located at the Suntec City Fountain (B1). Note the different prices and time limits for lunch and dinner.

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Shabu Sai

Shabu Sai Suntec City
Fountain Court, #B1-133
Tel: 6336-6129

Suntec City Food Places: Chinese Restaurants

Din Tai Fung

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Din Tai Fung Menu 2021

Din Tai Fung, the Chinese restaurant that is famous for their xiao long bao needs no introduction.  Read our post : What is there to eat at Din Tai Fung apart from xiao long bao?

#02-302 West Wing

Crystal Jade Kitchen


Crystal Jade Kitchen is a branch of the well known Chinese restaurant chain Crystal Jade. It is also located at the Suntec CIty Fountain.

Crystal Jade Kitchen Suntec City
#B1-112 Fountain Court

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon–Fri: 11am–10pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)
Sat-Sun & PH: 10:30am–10pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)

Ho Fook Hei 好福气 : Soy Sauce Chicken Specialist

“Ho Fook Hei” means good fortune in Cantonese. Being located next to the Suntec Fountain of Wealth probably means double good fortune! Ho Fook Hei restaurant is famous for their Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken. Read about our visit to Ho Fook Hei (Great World) here.

Ho Fook Hei Suntec City
#B1- 108A (Fountain Court)
Tel: 6255 8488
Mon – Sun:
11.30am to 3.30pm
5.00pm – 8.45pm

Little Lamb Hotpot & BBQ (小尾羊)

Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots, Little Lamb

Little Lamb Hotpot is a Mongolian hot pot and barbecue restaurant at the Suntec Sky Garden. Mala Xiang (spicy Sichuan) soup provides a base for various types of meat items.

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Little Lamb Hotpot
Sky Garden Suntec City Mall


Suntec City Food Places: Western Restaurants

Shake Shack

Trendy burger joint Shake Shack has opened at Suntec City. It is on the ground floor near the Suntec Convention Centre.

Shake Shack Suntec City
(West Wing) #01-357


Suntec City Food Places 2021: Cafes, Restaurants & Drinking Spots. iSteaks

Affordable steak restaurant iSTEAKS has a large outlet at Suntec City on level 2 (between Towers 1 and 2). Read about our visit to iSteaks (Star Vista) here.


iSteaks Suntec City #02-472/473 (North Wing)
Sun-Thu:  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri, Sat:    11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad

Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad is a restaurant within the Astons restaurant group. Here, the star attraction is their slow-roasted chicken ($16.90 for half chicken). It is located at the Fountain of Wealth (B1).

Javier’s Rotisserie Suntec City
B1-128/129 (Fountain of Wealth)
Tel: 6252 7371
Daily : 11:30AM – 10:00PM

WingStop Suntec City

Wing Stop is a chicken wing restaurant originating from Texas USA. It now has more than 1,500 restaurants open across the world. It is located next to Javier’s.

Wingstop Suntec City
#B1-108 Suntec City Fountain
Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Friday to Sunday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Peperoni Pizza Suntec City

Peperoni Pizza probably needs no introduction. They have outlets all over Singapore. Different types of pizzas and pastas are featured in their menu.

Chope Reservations

Peperoni Pizzeria #B1-130 Fountain Court

Mon-Fri: 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
Sat-Sun, PH & IT Show: 11am-10pm

Route 65

Route 65 Bar & Kitchen
#01-434 Suntec City North Wing
Singapore (038983)

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10:30pm

District 10

Suntec Al fresco dining

Grilled meats and pasta items are on the menu at District 10.  With an alfresco dining area, it is an attractive place to dine or have a drink on a cool evening.

Chope Reservations

District 10 Suntec City
#01-514/515 North Wing
Mon-Fri, Eve of PH & PH: 11:30am-10:30pm
Sat: 4-10:30pm
Closed Sunday

Suntec City Food Places: Drinking at Suntec City

In addition to Suntec City food places, there are also quite a few nice Suntec City drinking places to have a drink or two with friends or colleagues during happy hour. Some of the places listed above such as District 10 and Route 65 are suitable for both food and drink. Here are a few more drinking places at Suntec City which are interesting.

OSG Music Bar + Kitchen

OSG Music Bar + Kitchen has a nice big al fresco area which is suitable for light food (such as the Harmony nasi lemak) and drinks in the evenings.

OSG Music Bar + Kitchen
#01-510/511 Suntec City Mall Tower 1


Bar Bar Q

Bar Bar Q Suntec City is a place to have drinks and BBQ skewers. Some affordable set lunches are available in the day.

Bar Bar Q #01-602
Suntec City Tower 4

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon-Sat: 11:30am-2pm, 4:30-10:30pm
Sun: 4:30-10:30pm

Suntec City Food Places: Nice Cafes

Olivia & Co Cafe

Olivia & Co Suntec City  is a cafe that opened in April 2016. It serves the usual Western food selections – all day breakfast, sandwiches and burgers etc. Read Olivia & Co Suntec City.

#01-481 North Atrium
(Between Towers 1 & 2)

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee Suntec City

Hoshino Coffee Suntec City has the nice Japanese cafe atmosphere and there is something in the menu for everyone, even for the kids. The prices are reasonable. Hoshino Coffee is a good pit-stop for mall shoppers – whether for a casual meal or for a good perk me up coffee. Read our post Dinner at Hoshino Coffee Suntec City.

#01-651 Suntec City East Wing

Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am-10pm


“Tamago” is the Japanese word for egg. Egg dishes dominate the menu. Tamago-EN is a pleasant cafe next to the Suntec fountain that features Japanese eggs imported from Okinawa.

Tamago-EN Suntec City
#B1-170/171 (Fountain of Wealth)

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

Coffeesmith Cafe

Coffeesmith in Suntec City

Coffeesmith serves coffee, bingsu, cakes, sandwiches and even beer. It used to be a 24 hours cafe but that changed after COVID started, but the opening hours are still relatively long. Read about our visit here.

#02-413 North Wing

Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 11pm


 Fluffstack is small cafe offering souffle pancakes with different toppings. The fresh, featherweight pancakes are made from Japanese flour. Read more.

West Wing, #B1-K4, Suntec City

Opening Hours: 11 am – 9.30 pm

Suntec City Food Places: Korean Restaurants

Dookki : Korean Tteokbokki Buffet

Dookki Suntec City
East Wing #B1-107 
Tel:  +65 6266 2425

Bornga Korean Restaurant

Suntec City Restaurants

Bornga serves authentic Korean BBQ and other dishes.

Chope Reservations

Bornga #01-641 East Wing
Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm
A la carte Menu

Suntec City Food Places: Other Asian Cuisines

Sanook Kitchen : Suntec City Thai Restaurant

Sanook Kitchen is a Thai restaurant chain with several outlets in Singapore. It is a casual diner offering attractively priced set meals and a good variety of Thai dishes at affordable prices. Read about our visit to Sanook Kitchen (Parkway Parade) here.

Sanook Kitchen Suntec City
Tel: 6261 2097

Operating Hours:
11am to 10pm

HarriAnns Nonya Table

HarriAnns is a restaurant that serves classic Peranakan classic dishes like ayam buah keluak. They also have a wide range of nonya kueh for sale.  Read about our lunch here.

HarriAnns Suntec City
#01-416A West Wing

Opening Hours: 7:30 am to 9:30 pm

Penang Place

Penang Place Suntec City
Penang Place Suntec

Penang Place is well known for their Penang Street Food Buffet. They also have an a la carte menu. Read about our visit here.

Penang Place Suntec City
#02-314 West Wing

Muthu’s Curry


Muthu’s Curry is a popular Indian restaurant. You can find fish head curry, various types of curries and other types of Indian dishes on the menu.

Muthu’s Curry Suntec City
#B1-109 Fountain Court

Opening Hours: 1130-1500; 1800- 2200


Suntec City Food Courts / Food Halls

In addition to the individual restaurants at Suntec City, there are also a few food halls and food courts. Each of them is a compilation of a number of stalls serving different types of food.

Marche Movenpick

Suntec Food-20

Marche Movenpick Suntec City #01-612 East Wing

Food Republic Food Court

Suntec Food Republic

#B1-115 Fountain Court

Big Appetite Food Court

Big Appetite Food Court is located on Suntec level 3 at the East Wing. The space used to be occupied by the Kopitiam Food Court.

Big Appetite Food Court
Suntec City Level 3
#03-367-370 (East Wing)

This is the end of our shortlist of Suntec City food places to try in 2021. For a complete list of Suntec City f & b outlets, please refer to the official Suntec City website for the shop directory and other mall information. As information on restaurant details such as menus and opening hours often change, please check with the respective food places before your visit.


Ginza Lion-9

Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Nearby MRT Stations: Promenade, Esplanade, City Hall

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