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Soh Food Stewed Duck Delivery from Empress Road Market via Deliveroo

We came across 蘇食 Soh Food stewed duck stall in Empress Road Food Centre when we browsed the food options in Deliveroo. It is one of the best new food stall discoveries this year.

Soh Food Delivery Review

The problem with ordering food delivery is that we keep going back to the same familiar places. Trying out new restaurants for food delivery is a gamble. Even if the pictures on the menu look nice, we don’t know whether the food is good or not until its too late. But once in a while, we are adventurous and try something we have never seen in real life before. Our Deliveroo food delivery from Soh Food of Empress Market and Food Court was such a case and it was a gamble that paid off for us.

蘇食 Soh Food Delivery Menu

What impressed us about Soh Food delivery was its good Deliveroo rating of 4.6. We also like that it is focused. Its delivery food menu has less than 10 items. They only sell stewed duck with rice and a few side dishes. We ordered a whole duck legs ($7 each) and a spinach ($4.50).

Stewed Duck Delivery Menu

Soh Food Stewed Duck Delivery

Our stewed duck lunch from Soh Food delivery arrived in very good condition. All the items were packed neatly and they arrive looking very good. Soh Food is located in the Empress Road Food Centre, the market along Farrer Road and next to the Farrer Road MRT station. I am not sure what are the differences between between braised duck and stewed duck. Most ducks found at market food centres are either roasted or braised Teochew style. It is rare to see stewed duck. The most obvious difference is that the stewed duck and sauce were lighter than the usual braised duck or ‘loh arrk’. Each duck leg was quite big, more than adequate for one person’s lunch. Each box of duck also come with some vegetables. It is not really necessary to order the spinach as a side dish but we would recommend it as the the portion of spinach was quite generous.

Soh Food Delivery Review


We did not order any rice with our duck as we planned to use up some remaining carrots and corn with our own rice. The stewed duck leg was a good fit with our plan. The meat was soft and fell off the bone easily. Most importantly, there was no gamey duck taste. Each duck leg partnered with a plate of rice to form a satisfying meal for one person. The duck was also accompanied by a chilli sauce which tasted like sambal chilli from a Peranakan restaurant. The chilli made the duck taste even better!

蘇食 Soh Food
Empress Road Market (off Farrer Road)
7 Empress Rd #01-106, Singapore 260007

Tel: +65 8198 9368


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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. - T.S. Eliot
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T.S. Eliot

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