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Guoco Midtown Food Options – unique flavours beyond the usual

Guoco Midtown, the new development in Bugis, brings us a fresh wave of new restaurants and cafes. Nestled between Nicoll Highway and Bugis MRT stations, this mixed-use complex offers a blend of new-to-market F&B names alongside familiar favorites. While not all eateries are open yet, it is still a great time to embark on a Guoco Midtown food tour.

Guoco Midtown at Beach Road

Guoco Midtown

Guoco Midtown Square

Guoco Midtown is a new mixed development with office/commercial space, residential units as well as retail and dining outlets. The complex includes a three story conservation building, named as Midtown House.

Midtown House
Guoco Midtown Site Plan

The Guoco Midtown complex is divided into five main zones – Midtown Square, Network Hub, Midtown Market, Midtown House and Midtown Bay (which is not yet opened when we visited Guoco Midtown in the middle of March 2024).

Guoco Midtown Parking

The main vehicular access to Guoco Midtown is via Beach Road, just opposite Liang Seah Street. There is also access via Nicoll Highway (opposite the North end of Suntec City).

Guoco Midtown Main Driveway

Guoco Midtown has 2 carparks – Carpark A and Carpark B. As at mid March 2024, only Carpark A is in operation.

The car parking rates are reasonable for a carpark just outside the CBD. After 5 pm and the whole day on weekends, parking is charged on a per entry basis.

Guoco Midtown Car Parking Rates
Guoco Midtown Car Parking Rates

Guoco Midtown Food Options

There is an interesting mix of Guoco Midtown Food & Beverages establishments.  We see names beyond the usual found in many malls in Singapore. There are new concepts such as Umai Udon and Cafe Carerra in Porsche Studio.

Currently the Guoco Midtown restaurants and cafes are in three main zones.
Cafe Carrera, Louisa Coffee, British Indian Curry Hut and DaXi are in the Midtown Square.
Umai and Summer Folks are in the Midtown Market.
Workspace Grains + Cafe is in the Network Hub.

Guoco Midtown Food

Cafe Carrera @ Porsche Studio

Porsche Studio Singapore at Guoco Midtown

Porsche Singapore has unveiled a brand-new, two-story studio at Guoco Midtown. Cafe Carrera on the ground level of Porsche Studio is a first-of-its-kind Porsche concept worldwide.

Carrera Cafe @ Porsche Studio Singapore
Carrera Cafe by Baker & Cook.

Cafe Carrera is run by bakery chain Baker & Cook. They offer gourmet coffee alongside an array of pastries, cakes, and desserts. Guests can the treats with coffee at the adjacent tribune seating or the inviting outdoor space.

Carrera Cafe at Guoco Midtown
Carrera Cafe at Guoco Midtown
Carrera Cafe at Guoco Midtown

There a good variety of light bites and beverages on the menu, ranging from quiche and kale & quinoa salad to chia seed bowls and avo smash. Some food items feature the iconic Porsche crest and other menu items have Porsche-themed names. Fortunately, the menu avoids ‘Porsche price tags’ and aligns more closely with the prices found at Baker & Cook cafes. Below are screenshots of Cafe Carrera’s digital menu for food items and for hot and cold beverages.

  • Cafe Carrera
  • Midtown Square, #01-11/12, #02-11/15
  • Webpage

Louisa Coffee

Louisa Coffee at Guoco Midtown

Named after the Italian goddess Louisa, 路易莎咖啡 Louisa Coffee is a Taiwanese coffeehouse chain.

The spacious Louisa Coffee in Guoco Midtown’s Level 1 boasts a bright, airy space thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. It offers comfy seating options, from a large communal table to cozy nooks, with additional outdoor seating.

Louisa Coffee at Guoco Midtown
Louisa Coffee cakes & tarts

Louisa Coffee’s specialty is Italian coffee but it also offers Taiwanese tea. The cafe offers house-baked cakes and tarts. Savoury items such as fluffy floss bagel and beef pastrami sandwich are on the menu. Below are screenshots of the digital menu.

Louisa Coffee sandwiches
  • Louisa Coffee
  • Midtown Square, #01-13/14
  •  Website

British India Curry Hut

British India Curry Hut

British India Curry Hut offers Western and Indian cuisine. It has affordably priced lunch sets and becomes a watering hole in the evening.

British India Curry Hut Lunch Set Menu
  • British India Curry Hut
  • Midtown Square, #01-15
  • Website



DaXi 大喜 is an Asian casual dining restaurant that specialises in dumplings. Their signature dumplings that are freshly handmade daily and come in 3 flavours – original pork, the unconventional smoked duck and chives & pork.

DaXi menu

Besides dumplings, diners can also look forward to an array of simple delights such as Breakfast Toasts, Lu Rou Fan, Noodles Soup, Japanese-style Rice Sets and Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls.

DaXi Menu

Workspace Grains + Cafe

Workspace Grains + Cafe

Guoco Midtown’s Network Hub offers a members-only lounge and hot desking area. Workspace Grains + Café by Cedele fuels productivity with convenient access for office tenants and their guests. A wide range of beverages, pastries and healthy grain bowls are on the menu.

  • Workspace Grains + Cafe
  • Network Hub, #01-11
  • Webpage

Umai Artisanal Udon Bar

Umai Artisanal Udon Bar

Umai Artisanal Udon Bar by Omote serves various udon types originating from prefectures across Japan.

Umai Artisanal Udon Bar
Umai Set Lunch

The menu is rather extensive. Besides udon there is also donburi and sides dishes such as squid frits and totoros. diners can create their own lunch sets with add-ons. Below are pictures of pages of Umai’s menu.

  • Umai Artisanal Udon Bar
  • Midtown Market, #01-05
  • Website

Summer Folks Cafe & Steakhouse

Summer Folks Cafe & Steakhouse

Summer Folks Cafe & Steakhouse is run by The Royal Cafe. They serve pastas, burgers and steaks as well as local Malay dishes such as mee siam and nasi lemak. Local kaya toast as well as chic eggs benedict are also on the menu.

  • Summer Folks Cafe & Steakhouse
  • Midtown Market, #01-06
  • Instagram

More Restaurants and Cafes

The Guoco Midtown food options will be even more interesting as restaurants and cafes such as Flutes and Dal-Komm open in the coming months.

Guoco Midtown Food Options

Guoco Midtown
128 Beach Road, Singapore 189773



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