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Lucette Fait Des Crêpes – Brunch Before Exploring Lesser Known Paris Neighbourhoods

Lucette Fait Des Crêpes was our venue of choice for lunch. With a 5.0 Google Review score out of 46 reviews and a convenient location near Printemps Haussman Department Store, it seemed like a good place to start a day before exploring some lesser known areas of Paris in the 9th, 10th and 11th arrondissements.

Lucette Fait Des Crêpes Grands Boulevards Outlet

Lucette Fait Des Crêpes has two outlets in Paris. Both are near the Opera area and quite close to each other, We picked the outlet at 2 Rue de Trévise as it seemed more aligned with our general direction of walking around with no fixed plan in Paris.

We were immediately happy when we saw the little crepe restaurant. Its bright and colourful decor is most appropriate for a crepe restaurant. We ordered a cheese, egg and mushroom galette and a banana, chocolate sauce and cream crepe. Each costs about 10 euros.

Comparisons were made between the galette at Lucette Fait Des Crêpes and those which we tried a few days ago at Malo Artisan Crêpier, Printemps. We thought that the ones at Malo Artisan had a richer buckwheat flavour and the fillings were more tasty.

We did not try any sweet crepes at Malo Artisan so no comparison was possible. The character of a savoury galette was quite different from a crepe. The former has a tougher more robust taste while the latter has a softer, lighter feel, which is suitable as a dessert. Overall the food at Lucette Fait Des Crêpes was pleasant and service was very friendly.

Here are some of the lesser known areas of Paris which we explored after brunch at Lucette Fait Des Crêpes.

Passage de Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy and Passage Verdau

There are many covered shopping arcades in Paris, the most beautiful one that we have seen was the Galerie Vivienne which we had mentioned in an earlier post. In the vicinity of the Grands Boulevards district there are several ones worth exploring. Here are three of them starting from Passage de Panoramas at Boulevard Montmartre.

The northern end of Passage de Panoramas connects to Passage Jouffroy which is said to be the first passage built entirely of iron and glass. A cosy looking hotel Hôtel Chopin Grands-Boulevards Paris is linked to this passage.

At the other end of Passage Jouffry lies another attractive arcade, The Passage Verdeau. On a rainy day. passages like these were useful to keep us dry while traversing across sections of the city. It was built in 1847 and is named after its creator. The trio of these well preserved arcades: Les Panoramas, Jouffroy and Verdeau are worth a visit as a destination by themselves. 

Porte Saint Denis, Place de la République and Canal St Martin

Wandering further west, we came across this structure that looks like a mini Arc de Triomphe. Porte Saint Denis is quite an impressive monument which we have not heard of before. According to Wikipedia, it was built between 1356 and 1383 as a gateway through the then city wall protecting the Right Bank of Paris.

Moving further westward, we arrived at the famous town square, Place de la République. A large square which is sometimes the gathering point of demonstrations, it was a bustling market place when we visited, with many stalls set up around the tall bronze statue, Monument à la République.

The square was our landmark to turn northwards towards our last point of interest, Canal Saint-Martin, a scenic waterway that links to the River Seine.

Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Lucette Fait Des Crêpes
12 Rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris, France


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