Papa Ayam – New Ayam Geprek Restaurant in PLQ

Papa Ayam is a new Ayam Geprek Restaurant in Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ). The new eatery serving Indonesian crispy battered fried chicken allows chilli enthusiasts to choose levels of spiciness between one and fifteen.

Papa Ayam - New Ayam Geprek Restaurant in PLQ

New Ayam Geprek Restaurant in PLQ

Papa Ayam is located in Basement 2 of PLQ Mall. It is more a kiosk for takeaway than a restaurant. There are a few small tables for those who like to eat there. There is also a counter cleverly constructed around a big pillar. Those counter seats may be especially suitable for solo diners. Do not expect any privacy. Every passer-by will be able to see clearly what you are eating.

Papa Ayam at Paya Lebar Quarter

The new ayam geprek restaurant in PLQ is a self-service eatery. You order and pay at the cashier’s counter. Your name will be called when your food is ready for collection.

Papa Ayam Menu

The menu of Papa Ayam is straightforward. Basically, there are variations of ayam geprek with rice or noodles and satay. Below is a picture of the menu board.

Papa Ayam Menu

“Geprek” is the Javanese word for “smashed” or “crushed”. So you can guess that Ayam Geprek is an Indonesian version of crispy battered fried chicken smashed or crushed and mixed with sambal. “Battered” in the context of ayam geprek can actually mean “covered in batter and fried” as well as “subjected to repeated blows”.

Lunch @ Papa Ayam

We ordered Ayam Geprek Original ($6.90) and Ayam Geprek Indomie ($7.50). They were served on on baskets lined with waxed papers.

Ayam Geprek Original

The Ayam Geprek Original was steamed rice with fried chicken generously lathered with sambal. We liked fried chicken, crushed or otherwise. We thought Papa Ayam battered fried chicken was pretty decent – not super tasty on its own but made interesting by the sambal.

Ayam Geprek Original at Papa Ayam
Ayam geprek Indomie

Indomie by Indonesia’s top instant noodle maker has its loyal following. So Ayam Geprek Indomie is a combination of two popular Indonesian dishes. The noodles at Papa Ayam were tasty and could be eaten without anything else. The ayam geprek, with its crunchiness and spiciness, made the instant noodles even more enjoyable.

Ayam Geprek Indomie at Papa Ayam

Affordable Comfort Food

Papa Ayam’s ayam geprek is really American stlye fried chicken given an Indonesian twist by smashing it and adding sambal. We do not think that the food at the new ayam geprek restaurant in PLQ is really very special. However, you will not be disappointed if you think of it as street food or fast food. It is affordable comfort food. Maybe choosing a high level of spiciness will make the dishes more exciting.

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Papa Ayam
PLQ Mall #B2-K3
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

Opening Hours: 11 am – 9.30 pm


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You don’t need to have everything figured out in order for you to be happy. - Zenda Tan
You don’t need to have everything figured out in order for you to be happy. – Zenda Tan

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